The Daily Aztec

If I was a cool kid

by Caitlin Johnson

May 2, 2014

As I recently meandered around campus, wandering aimlessly to further procrastinate on my projects, I began to notice a trend. So many students were proudly sporting interesting types of clothing. No, it wasn't anything Lady Gaga-ish. No one was wear...

The truth about San Diego State

by Caitlin Johnson

April 25, 2014

Dear prospective students and incoming freshmen, As you traverse the beautiful campus that is San Diego State, validating your desire to have your parents fork out tuition so you can soak in sun on the beach, I’m sure your...

Crazy thing called life

by Caitlin Johnson

April 18, 2014

I’m finally beginning to understand that the only definite thing in life is death. Morbid, but true. You can plan things all you want, but there’s never a solid guarantee they’re going to happen the way you think they will. Two...