The Daily Aztec

Melissa’s Magic Carpet

by Melissa Artobello

February 20, 2014

My name is Melissa Artobello and welcome to my travel blog. Let me introduce myself. You may have read my work as a Features writer, but now, I'm excited to become a part of The Daily Aztec's blogging team, as well. I'm of mi...

The best Valentine’s date of all: Me, myself and I

by Caitlin Johnson

February 14, 2014

I’ve never cared much for Valentine’s Day, but it is a good excuse for me to get all fancied up and be treated to something nice. This year, I have the perfect date: Me. I’ve been single for a while now, so this year...

Four things you need to do before the semester ends

by Allison Muhar

November 23, 2013

1. Go to a sporting event By this point in the semester, most of you have probably already made it to a few football games. However, for those of you who haven’t, this is definitely something you need to do before the se...

Songs to get you through Finals: Fall 2012 Edition!

by Mark Jacobo

December 5, 2012

It’s that time of year again! No, not the holidays—finals! The time of year where students stock up on scantrons and pencils, and yet there’s that one guy who announces in your large lecture class, “Does anyone have an ...

New Releases 10.28.2012

by Ryo Miyauchi

October 28, 2012

RECORD OF THE WEEK 8 / 10 The Haunted Man by Bat for Lashes Genre: Indie Pop Natasha Khan, known under the name Bat for Lashes, dove into her ancestry before the making of this album The Haunted Man. One peculiar fact tha...

Record Rewind: Weezer’s The Blue Album

by Mark Jacobo

October 28, 2012

1994 was not a very long time ago—only 18 years—but I’m such a big fan of Weezer’s self-titled album, commonly referred to as The Blue Album, that I decided it deserved its very own Record Rewind. Weezer was produced by for...