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Having a healthy relationship with food is essential

Having a healthy relationship with food is essential

by Catherine Van Weele, Opinion Editor // December 4, 2019

To eat is such a simple life pleasure, and yet many people struggle with their relationship with food. We are presented with an image of what is considered...

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What happens when a woman joins in on ‘No-Shave November?’

by Talia Raoufpur, Staff Columnist // December 12, 2016
I thought my femininity would be lost in the dense forest that was to flourish on my legs.
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Sports Illustrated: The new pioneers for self-love?

by Sydney Sweeney, Contributor // March 9, 2016

Uncomfortably shoved somewhere between inadequate and appealing are the limbs, stomach, chest and face of every woman exposed to the media. Images brimming...

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Looking in the mirror: body image issues

by Annie Beltran, Staff Writer // September 8, 2014

Everyone has body image issues. Either every year the skin surrounding my body gets worse, or every year I wear my skin I identify new details. The...

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