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San Diego State, along with the majority of universities across the country, are facing stark budget outlooks brought on by COVID-19.

De la Torre announces ‘innovative solutions’ to remedy COVID-19 budget fallout

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief // August 5, 2020

With little more than three weeks until the start of the 2020-2021 school year, San Diego State University’s budgetary outlook remains grim. Though in...

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A spotter ensures a weight lifter doesn’t injure himself while training. This is one of the many roles athletic trainers take on in the exercise and nutritional sciences.dept. Thinkstock

Aztecs support ENS professor

by Diana Crofts-Pelayo // April 2, 2012

Amidst the ever-growing concern of budget cuts at San Diego State, not only are students being affected, but cherished faculty as well. Students...

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New tuition plan has great merit

by Brody Burns // February 5, 2012

The precarious financial situation of the California State University education system is well-documented. For the 427,000 students in the CSU system who...

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San Diego’s college campus preacher stirs students into heated arguments on a regular basis, but yesterday’s demonstration made an unexpected turn, Antonio Zaragoza/ photo editor

Budget rally steals spotlight (Updated)

by Bill Crotty // December 5, 2011

  What began as a heated debate between the infamous “street preacher” and a crowd of more than 100 students near the San Diego State Info...

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