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The dying, yellow grass is the most obvious sign that SDCCU Stadiums days are numbered as demolition is set to begin October 2020.

Writer’s roundtable: Memories of the Murph

by Breven Honda, Senior Staff Writer // February 5, 2021

The concrete stadium in Mission Valley opened for the first time 54 years ago and was used as a multi-purpose stadium for baseball, football, soccer, motocross...

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Back in October, when this photo was taken, the massive parking lot had been torn up. Today, a large chunk of the stadium is gone.

Reflections on the demolition of SDCCU Stadium

by Bradley Gonzales, Staff Writer // February 4, 2021

The stadium in Mission Valley has been known by many names, San Diego Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, and SDCCU Stadium. Though since 1967,...

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The sea of empty blue seats at SDCCU Stadium is a bittersweet sight as San Diego says goodbye to 53 years or sporting, architectural and entertainment history.

SDCCU Stadium: A new era follows the end of an old one

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Editor in Chief // October 15, 2020

The image of an empty stadium isn’t as alien these days yet seeing the thousands of blue seats sitting vacant at SDCCU Stadium hits a little...

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Future of Qualcomm Stadium, grounds crew remain in limbo

by Jacob Sisneros, Editor in Chief // May 3, 2017

Every weekday his hand hits the alarm at 5 a.m. He gets dressed, drinks a cup of coffee and makes the one-hour commute from Temecula, California to...

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File photo.

SDSU sees potential in Qualcomm Stadium site

by Will Fritz, Senior Staff Writer // January 18, 2017

Since the San Diego Chargers recently announced its intention to leave San Diego, the remaining Qualcomm Stadium site is ripe for a number of potential...

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Measure C Pro: New stadium paid for by visitors

‘Measure C’ Pro: New stadium paid for by visitors

by Aulani Capuchin, Contributor // September 7, 2016

This November, a proposition on the ballot, measure C, will determine if the new home for Chargers will be in downtown San Diego. Critics have raised...

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Measure C Con: Rich get richer in new stadium plan

‘Measure C’ Con: Rich get richer in new stadium plan

by Andrew Dyer, Opinion Editor // September 7, 2016

In January, Chargers president Dean Spanos came crawling back to San Diego with his tail between his legs after the NFL offered Los Angeles to the Rams...

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New west campus may have benefits, but some transportation issues

by Mackenzie Boss, Staff Columnist // April 20, 2016

Recent talk of the Chargers’ potential stadium change leaves Qualcomm Stadium out of commission. This has opened up a discussion of what the stadium...

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Proposed SDSU West Campus plan unveiled

Proposed SDSU West Campus plan unveiled

by Jamie Ballard, News Editor // April 6, 2016

With the Chargers looking to move downtown, there has been much discussion about what would happen to Qualcomm Stadium. One proposal, discussed in a...

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Have your fantasy fun then get back to watching football for football

by Joseph Ciolino, Opinion Editor // January 27, 2016

When I was a young kid I would camp out in my living room every Sunday morning waiting for the eight or nine pro football games to begin. This is the...

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