The Daily Aztec

Raise insults starving students

by Chris Pocock

July 24, 2011

Dear esteemed members of the CSU Board of Trustees, Consider this my application for president of San Diego State University. I realize the $50,000 bonus you generously handed President Elliot Hirshman no doubt demonstrates your approval for our new president. But given the opportuni...

Follow Osama’s death with rebuilding

by Chris Pocock

May 8, 2011

What began as an ordinary pilgrimage to Love Library for a group project was transformed the minute I heard the news: “We killed the bastard,” a woman told me. “We killed Osama bin Laden.” It’s been a long time since...

No checks on accountability in A.S. election

by Chris Pocock

March 24, 2011

We’ve all graduated high school, but it’s a little premature to say the campaign strategies of Associated Students candidates have grown much from the pimples and prom dress days of past years. While the budget for our stud...

Tragedy can’t make us fear studying abroad

by Chris Pocock

March 13, 2011

More than a week ago, San Diego State student Austin Bice made national news. Sadly, the news wasn’t because of some nationally recognized sporting event he took part in or an academic award he received, but of his disappearance in Madrid, Spain while studying ab...

Censorship was a bad call by Athletic Department

by Chris Pocock

February 28, 2011

There was no shortage of bad calls made last Saturday. Despite a harrowing attempt by San Diego State, excess fouls against SDSU and missed double dribbling and traveling calls against the BYUers made for a climactic and disheartening loss. But not all of the bad calls...

Greed is Achilles’ heel of music industry

by Chris Pocock

January 30, 2011

Look no further than the recording industry to see Charles Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” in full swing. Record companies duke it out for control of charts and radio stations, while artists push to remain relevant in a time of abysmal record sales and ...

Noise violation fines in College Area are unjust

by Chris Pocock

January 24, 2011

If you drive down College Avenue on a Friday night, you’re bound to witness a few spectacles: You’ll see at least one gaggle of freshly liquored underage girls, ambling home from a fraternity party in tiny, open-toed heels...