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Letters: CAPP fine confusion, Islamophobic tweets from member of College Republicans

December 7, 2016

What does it take to correct misinformation regarding ordinances recently passed by city council?

Letter: College Republicans call on women to “take control of their own lives”

October 26, 2016

Daily Aztec commentator Talia Raoufpur is understandably frustrated by this election. For many of us at SDSU, this is the first Presidential election that we can vote in. Both candidates have terrible records of interacting with ot...

Republicans doomed unless attitude towards women changes

by Talia Raoufpur, Contributor

October 19, 2016

This campaign season has been corrupt, unprofessional and downright annoying. Both the Democratic and Republican nominees are among the most disliked in political history. Many voters are supporting one candidate over the other...

Letters: Campus GOP responds to Trump tape, Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 54

October 12, 2016

This wasn't my breaking point, but it's time for me to speak Donald Trump’s comments about groping and kissing women without their consent, and “grabbing them by their pussy,” were not the breaking point for my disavowin...

Letter: The flag shouldn’t be an issue

October 12, 2015

Why is flying the United States flag on American public school college campuses an issue? Many students wonder the same thing at San Diego State University as two students, both members of the military (Army and Coast Guar...