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El Centro de Salud Calpulli esta disponible para la comunidad de SDSU.

Students in need of psychological services say Calpulli falls flat

by Kaitlyn Little, Senior Staff Writer // May 8, 2019

Many students have voiced frustration with their experiences with San Diego State’s psychological services at Calpulli, however, they’re drastically...

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Courtesy of Baxteratsdsu on Instagram

Resident therapy dog provides helping paw

by Sarah Anderson, Staff Writer // November 30, 2016

Counseling and Psychological Services offers an array of services to help students throughout the course of the semester. Some services include individual...

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SDSU's ASPIRE program fees raise questions

SDSU’s ASPIRE program fees raise questions

by Cami Buckman, Senior Staff Writer // February 17, 2016

Students in violation of alcohol- or drug-related offenses on campus are often subject to complete the Alcohol and Substance Prevention Intervention Redirection...

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