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‘A Quiet Place’ can help pave the way for people with disabilities in Hollywood

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Opinion Editor // April 18, 2018

A Quiet Place was released into theaters with rave reviews. While the film is an excellent thriller and is not an overly-stereotypical alien movie, the...

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All manipulators need to be condemned

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Opinion Editor // January 31, 2018

Recently, people in the entertainment industry have shown more solidarity than ever before, however, this solidarity is because of terrible circumstances. Attendees...

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Hugh Hefner wasn’t a feminist, and we should stop crediting him for being one

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Opinion Editor // October 4, 2017

Hugh Hefner was the ultimate advocate for the objectification of women, and with his death ends an era. But is the end of this era, one that includes the...

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BLVD63 on El Cajon Boulevard. File photo

Expensive to be a guest at BLVD63

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Opinion Editor // September 5, 2017

Almost every person living in a city can relate to any traffic related issue — more specifically, parking hassles.     San Diego is a large city...

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There is no second chance for a first (year) impression

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Opinion Editor // August 21, 2017

  The first year of college is an anxiety inducing yet exciting time, filled with decisions and new experiences. Everything is new and the first...

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Students pay for their dorms, so why are they locked out during breaks?

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist // April 19, 2017

San Diego State requires non-local freshmen to live on campus during their first year. The new “Sophomore Success” program will also require non-local...

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Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ puts taboos to the test

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist // March 22, 2017

“Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test,” goes the famous line from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Disney took it literally...

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Israel-Palestine not an all-or-nothing issue

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist // February 15, 2017

The situation in the Middle East is complicated, and as someone from Israel who visits every year, I can confirm the conflicts are not as black and white...

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OPINION: Halting refugee resettlement on Holocaust Remembrance Day tone deaf, insensitive and abhorent

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Staff Columnist // February 1, 2017
The U.S. is a diverse nation, and among it population are people whose families who have been affected by a previous generations’ refusal to admit refugees.
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What to choose when career and relationship goals aren’t compatible?

by Dana Tsuri-Etzioni, Contributor // January 18, 2017
While love might seem like the best choice, love and commitment are not guaranteed to last.
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