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Climate strikers demand change in front of de la Torre’s office

by Eugènie Budnik , Contributor // September 29, 2021

As millions of environmentally conscious people across the globe marched in protest of climate change this past Friday, so did a group of concerned San...

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An Instagram screenshot of a promotional banner for Confronting A Rising Tide.

GreenLove launches “Confronting a Rising Tide” to promote wildlife protection

by Jeanette Giovanniello, Senior Staff Writer // December 7, 2020

Green Love, the sustainability commission of Associated Students, is set out to raise awareness on the state of marine ecosystems. The “Confronting a...

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Opinion: Hydro Flasks show how trendy products can also be a way to promote sustainability

Opinion: Hydro Flasks show how trendy products can also be a way to promote sustainability

by Anna Fiorino, Staff Writer // May 13, 2020

Hydro Flask was founded more than 10 years ago. The company's takeover was gradual at first, but in the last few years, it has been almost hostile. People...

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This board is a collective intention mural where people wrote how they intend to contribute to the world.

What you need to know for Greenfest

by Juniper Perkins, Staff Writer // March 10, 2020

Greenfest is finally here with a week filled to the brim with exciting events.  This year’s theme: reach with your roots.  “We’ve been planning...

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Marketing freshman Zoe Swift was victorious the vintage pop-up shop category.

Students reduce, reuse and re-style at GreenFest Enviro-Fashion Show

by Madeleine Schwarz, Staff Writer // March 27, 2019

Illusion jewelry, balaclavas and re-constructed suits were just some of the student-made pieces that strutted down a candle-lit Montezuma Hall runway on...

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Event aims to move students from surviving to thriving

Event aims to move students from ‘surviving to thriving’

by Nicole Badgley, Staff Writer // April 26, 2017

Associated Students’ Green Love and Green Fest hosted keynote speaker Mustafa Santiago Ali to speak at their Environmental Justice in America event....

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Courtesy of CleanPod

San Diego State alumni invent self-cleaning coffee pod

by Kayleigh Venne, Staff Writer // November 7, 2016

San Diego State students understand the importance of having caffeine readily available for complete functionality. Especially during midterm season, many...

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SDSU students learn about dams effects on ecosystems with DamNation

SDSU students learn about dam’s effects on ecosystems with ‘DamNation’

by Jamie Ballard, News Editor // February 4, 2016

Approximately 240 San Diego State students attended a documentary screening and discussion about environmental river dams on Wednesday, Feb. 3, as part...

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Campaigns further fund dry spell

by Emmilly Nguyen, Senior Staff Columnist // April 23, 2015

The California drought has become a growing problem. In response to a drought that seems to have no end in sight, the state is set to reduce urban consumption...

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The apocalypse is here

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer // March 26, 2015

I have lived for almost two decades on a planet that, according to many, is disintegrating into a pile of nothing. Let’s face it, how many apocalyptic...

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Forgotten drought spells dry reminder

by Emily Alvarenga , Staff Columnist // March 17, 2015

California, at least the southern part where San Diego is located, is considered a desert. However, with this ongoing drought, it seems as though many...

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