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Why is hate speech still protected in 2018?

by Julie Cappiello, Staff Writer

February 7, 2018

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White supremacist groups are trying to recruit college students on campuses nationwide. These groups are notorious for their spread of hate speech, but the First Amendment still protects them in 2018. The Anti-Defemation Le...

EDITORIAL: Media will not be intimidated into silence

by The Editorial Board

January 27, 2017

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We’re the biggest punching bag in politics, but we can take it. Just don’t expect us not to swing back.

Freedom of speech or hate speech: Where’s the line?

by Julio Castro, Contributor

March 9, 2016

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Freedom of speech. This is what democracy permits. This is what makes America great. Whether it’s on campus with the occasional clashes of the Christians versus the Atheists, or even within American media outlets that may be i...

Letter: The flag shouldn’t be an issue

October 12, 2015

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Why is flying the United States flag on American public school college campuses an issue? Many students wonder the same thing at San Diego State University as two students, both members of the military (Army and Coast Guar...

The First Amendment was not the issue with SDSU’s American flag controversy

by Tori Hahn, Staff Columnist

October 7, 2015

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The headline “SDSU Students Facing Expulsion Over Flags” reached national news this week after two students protested the university’s reaction to flags hanging from their on-campus housing balcony. The two San Diego St...