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SnoCal’s shaved ice helps beat the heat wave

by Staff

September 24, 2012

It is the end of September and it seems as though the scorching sun will never go away. What better way to cool down than to have a shaved ice on a hot day? SnoCal Shaved Ice, a local food truck company, has introduced many...

Students socialize at Tap Ex

by Bridget Chapman

September 20, 2012

Whether you call it snow bubble tea, pearl tea or boba tea, the Taiwanese beverage has become extremely popular among San Diego State students. Tapioca Express on Convoy Street is the designated place to get this drink, along w...

Pita Pit is a healthy option for late night eaters

by Victoria Valenzuela

September 10, 2012

It’s midnight. You’ve been studying for an exam for three hours and your taste buds begin to beg for a little “TLC.” Where do you go? If you live around campus, most of the restaurants are closed. Instead of reaching for your sta...

Meal plans leave money left over

September 6, 2012

Many freshmen living away from home for the first time are left to salvage for their own food in this new arena of college life. In accordance with this new arrangement they have with San Diego State Dining Services, aka the meal...

Lefty’s Pizza delivers Chi-town flavor to San Diego

by Laurel Vozely

September 5, 2012

In a world full of $5 pizzas and three-topping options, it is fair to ask: Have we forgotten how pizza is supposed to taste? Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria, nestled on 30th Street in the ever-trendy community of North Park, mig...

Yogurtland offers an eclectic mix of fro-yo options

by Alejandra Paz

August 28, 2012

San Diego State classes have started, campus is full, books are expensive and all students may yearn for is a few minutes to get away and refuel with a treat. From plain tart to chocolate, students have gone to Yogurtland s...

ARC trainer helps combat the ‘Freshman 15’

August 27, 2012

Roommate compatibility and class schedules are legitimate worries of incoming freshmen. However, one of the most notable concerns is the often joked about “Freshman 15.” Freshmen, wracked with anxiety, worry if this myth is true and i...

Pub gets anticipated makeover

by Bridget Chapman

August 20, 2012

With each school year comes new beginnings; Effin’s Pub & Grill is no exception. Although the pub has been under construction these past months, the target date for its completed remodel is conveniently the first day of school...

West Coast Sandwich Company makes awaited debut

by Lauren Yap

August 20, 2012

The Sub Connection location at East Commons finally surrendered to the competition and closed this summer. The doomed sub shop simply lacked the resources to compete against franchise sub-sandwich giants and succumbed to its reputation a...

The Mission eatery creates culinary masterpieces

by Allie Bidwell

August 13, 2012

From rich and sugary French toast for the diner with a sweet tooth to braised tofu and brown rice for the more health conscious eater, The Mission has it all. Operating on a philosophy of ‘everyone’s welcome and it’s all good,’ the restaurant has blossome...

‘The Big Three’ bring talents to SD

by Hutton Marshall

August 5, 2012

There are three small Mexican restaurants surrounding the intersection of College Avenue and Montezuma Road, all so close that the smell of refried beans is intoxicating. Anyone who’s lived on campus knows them well: Trujillo’s,...

Bangkok Poco spices up cuisine

August 5, 2012

Have you ever questioned why you are eating what you’re eating? How did this food end up on your plate and then in your stomach? In most cases, it can be traced back to the unfoldings of history. Thai cuisine, for exampl...