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‘Total Frat Move’ website, Instagram degrades women at SDSU

by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, Mundo Azteca Editor

January 25, 2017

Out of all the women on TFM Girls, at least 20 are from San Diego State.

Ending Greek Life is not the sexual assault solution

by Elpin Keshishzadeh, Opinion Editor

January 26, 2015

Fall semester was equivalent to a season of  “Scandal,” minus some presidential hook-ups. San Diego State had its work cut out with its majority of concerns surrounding sexual assault and Greek Life. With back-to-back...

Parties illicit sexual assault

by Emily Alvarenga, Staff columnist

November 13, 2014

For years, police and college students have placed the blame of sexual assault on prowlers — strangers who attack unsuspecting victims in alleys when they’re all alone and defenseless. In reality, most sexual assault cases...