The Daily Aztec

I died the other day, but I’m fine

by Ahmad Dixon, Staff Writer

February 1, 2017

Last semester I wrote an introduction to one of the best dark arts programs in the California State University system. If you recall I wrote about “Introduction to Necromancy,” a class where I brought my dead cat to life....

The apocalypse is here

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer

March 26, 2015

I have lived for almost two decades on a planet that, according to many, is disintegrating into a pile of nothing. Let’s face it, how many apocalyptic movies about the end of the world have we seen? According to Wikipedia,...

Love me Tinder, love me true

by Alicia Chavez, Senior Staff Writer

March 23, 2015

Nothing says you’re single quite like the holiday season. Beginning with Halloween and all the way to Valentine’s Day, single people are constantly reminded that life isn’t so sweet when you’re alone. As embarrassing...

The truth behind my resume

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer

March 19, 2015

The whole reason we attend college is to have a piece of paper saying we’re qualified to head out into the real world as adults. That piece of paper can help us reach our dream jobs and all the amenities that come with it. ...

Grown-ups are a myth

by Marissa Ochoa, Staff Writer

December 5, 2014

Throughout school, we’ve always looked up to grown-ups for guidance. Needed help with your ABCs? You called your grown-up teacher. Fell off your bike? You cried for your grown-up parents. Every time assistance was needed, we...

Surviving a cheesy job

by Chris Blakemore, Graphics Specialist

December 1, 2014

Enduring a part-time job while being a full-time student is a daunting task. My undergraduate career was once a hybrid of feigning interest in political science lectures and manhandling pizza dough on weekends. For four years...

Dreadful dating disasters

by Chris Blakemore, Graphics Specialist

November 24, 2014

Failure runs prominently throughout the annals of my dating history. Now a grown man, at least in the sense of complaining about today’s music and experiencing mysterious joint pain, I can look back on my courting woes with...

Politics, polls and people

by Max Saucedo, Staff Writer

November 17, 2014

Ring, ring. “Issacs. No, the governor does not have a stance on the salmonella outbreak. That’s health; go pester them. And while you’re at it, go eat some of that chicken yourself, Steve!” Hangs up phone. There’s a...

In defense of fast food

by Jenna Mackey, Photo Editor

October 9, 2014

Fast food is in my blood. I mean, my body might actually be made of fast food considering I’ve been avidly consuming it for 20 years. Although some of you readers may have jumped to judge my character and mental state after...

Pumpkin spice obsessed

by Kelly Hillock, Features Editor

September 18, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of year: the leaves change into golden hues and crunch beneath boots; there’s a chill in the air, favorite sweaters are worn and Monday night football returns. Day trips to Julian become commonplace...

Looking in the mirror: body image issues

by Annie Beltran, Staff Writer

September 8, 2014

Everyone has body image issues. Either every year the skin surrounding my body gets worse, or every year I wear my skin I identify new details. The way I look to other people matters to me. Although I may appear very confident...