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Regardless of Professor Graubart’s comments, threats are unnecessary and halt progression

by Victor Beck, Contributor

August 16, 2017

San Diego State University professor Jonathan Graubart faced major criticism after his controversial comments regarding Senator John McCain’s recent brain cancer diagnosis. Graubart took to Facebook to express annoyance with...

OPINION: We need leadership from Republicans; not lip service

by Pabel Lopez, Contributor

February 1, 2017

These so-called leaders must be held accountable, either at the ballot box or in the courts.

Approval ratings fail to change status quo

by Brody Burns

December 6, 2011

It took more than three decades but it has finally plunged into single digits and now sits at 9 percent. No, it’s not the likelihood of Herman Cain reaching another anniversary with his wife or the national unemployment rate (8.6 percen...