The Daily Aztec

JMS classes aren’t doing enough

by Will Fritz, Kemi Giwa, Jocelyn Moran, Julianna Ress, David Santillan, and Tristi Rodriguez

May 9, 2019

Most of the graduating seniors on The Daily Aztec’s editorial board are students in JMS. We know the territory. We know what’s taught in these classes. There are many things we love about JMS. But we have to be honest — our cl...

Editorial: Journalism layoffs put democracy in danger

by The Editorial Board

January 30, 2019

The fourth estate, once again, is at stake. This last week was extremely disappointing and discouraging for journalists in the United States. Around 1,000 journalists were laid off by BuzzFeed and other media organizations ow...

Why the arrest of a ‘Smallville’ star has me completely shook

by Will Fritz, News Editor

April 25, 2018

I can’t remember how old I was when I watched “Smallville” for the first time. The show, which premiered in 2001, depicts the life of a teenage Superman. My father, ever the superhero dork, watched it throughout my childhood. I...

Sensational journalists are on the rise

by Emily Alvarenga, Staff Columnist

March 2, 2015

Today’s media has evolved greatly from what it started as centuries ago, and not for the better. Society greatly influences what the news focuses on and what topics are reported, but what most don’t realize is the influence...