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What Super Mario Bros. character is your candidate?

by Leonardo Castaneda

November 12, 2013

San Diego’s special mayoral election has been compared to a lot of things: a horse race (dark horse Mike Aguirre anyone?), a contest, a marathon (and a sprint), a battle and snooze fest.  But none of those terms truly captures...

Emerald brings troubleshooting to City Council

by Leonardo Castaneda

March 3, 2013

Councilmember Marti Emerald is “The Troubleshooter.” She first earned the title as an investigative reporter, and when she was elected to represent San Diego City Council’s district, she brought the same attitude with her....

eSports brings together gamers of all levels

by Leonardo Castaneda

February 28, 2013

When I was a kid, my Super Nintendo Entertainment System and I were inseparable. I’d spend hours in front of the TV throwing barrels with Donkey Kong and flying through space with Fox McCloud. Eventually, Nintendo 64 and “GoldenEye 007” replaced them and changed what I thought vid...

Macklemore is a thrifty seller with NBA “Wings” promo

by Leonardo Castaneda

February 28, 2013

Macklemore knows a bargain when he sees one. The star, alongside producer Ryan Lewis, of the hit song “Thrift Shop” recently landed a huge gig on the NBA All-Star Game intro. All he had to do was change the lyrics of the song “Wings” from his album “The Heist.” As soon as the mus...

Netflix breaks new ground with saucy ‘House of Cards’

by Leonardo Castaneda

February 18, 2013

“Groundbreaking” is arguably the most overused adjective in a critic’s vocabulary. Any TV show deviating just slightly from the traditional formula is hailed almost immediately as groundbreaking. Still, while reviewing the new series “House of Cards,” it’s impossible to thi...

Students’, staff’s right to tobacco goes up in smoke

by Leonardo Castaneda

February 12, 2013

No one likes smokers. They stink, cough and have a tendency to leave a trail of cigarette butts behind them like cancerous Hansels and Gretels. Picking on smokers, taxing and pushing them to the edges of society are cheap ways...

Baby boomers pass blame for climate inaction

by Leonardo Castaneda

December 2, 2012

The Muppets are making a comeback. They’ve had a well-received movie and Elmo’s involvement in child abuse allegations bodes well for the impeccably moral Kermit the Frog. However, Kermit’s trademark, “It’s not eas...

The restart of the age of Pax Obama

by Leonardo Castaneda

November 9, 2012

This election was a defining moment in U.S. history and it would be presumptuous to claim to already understand what it all means. However, at The Daily Aztec’s Opinion section, we are nothing if not presumptuous. Other...

Mayoral race: Filner is the lesser of two evils

by Leonardo Castaneda

November 6, 2012

San Diego is a moderate city. Its moderate weather causes panic whenever it deviates from 72 degrees. It’s a moderately wealthy city, with a median income slightly higher and poverty rate slightly lower than the rest of Cal...