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Letters from the editors – May 1, 2013

by Staff

May 1, 2013

Letter from the editor in chief:   Fellow Aztecs, As editor-in-chief of your newspaper, I am ultimately responsible for any and all content that flows on our printed copy or streams through our Web pages. Although ...

Letter to the editor: 5-9-11

by Staff

May 8, 2011

On May 2 on my way to class, I ran into a classmate. I asked her if she heard the good news (the death of Osama bin Laden). “Oh, that. I heard. I thought you were going to say class was cancelled or something.” Is this...

Letter to the Editor

by Staff

March 21, 2011

Responding to the “Rape Victims at SDSU: Come Forward” cover story (by Stacey Oparnica) and corresponding news story (by Editor in Chief Ruthie Kelly) “SDSU rape victims left without resolution” in the March 15 issue of...

MEChA clarifies its cultural history and political goals

by Staff

February 16, 2011

Related story:  MEChA movement was founded on historical fallacies Leonardo Castaneda misrepresented the true history and philosophy of MEChA To the editor of the Opinion section of The Daily Aztec: This letter is in ...

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: At least roll your socks, please

by Ruthie Kelly

November 18, 2010

By Ruthie Kelly, Editor in Chief The guy sitting in the fluffy chair next to me right now did not start off our non-relationship well. His first bad move: loudly narrating his own actions, like he thinks he’s on some s...

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Education before voting

by Ruthie Kelly

November 1, 2010

By Ruthie Kelly, Editor in Chief To vote or not to vote, that is the question. It's a quandary that's not as simple as it seems. Before I was eligible to vote, I would have answered a simple, straightforward affirmative: Of...