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Letter: A.S. resolution conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

March 6, 2017

Not only would this measure stifle legitimate free speech, it would ironically label Jewish individuals that speak out agianst Israel as anti-Semites themselves.

Letter: Student responds to allegations of Islamophobia

December 15, 2016

On Dec. 7 a letter to the editor was published in The Daily Aztec regarding CAPP fine confusion and Islamophobic tweets from members of College Republicans. Ms. Joves wrote a defamatory statement with regards to myself, a m...

Letter to the Editor: No shame in voting for Trump

by Breeana Leyva, English junior

November 9, 2016

Sydney Sweeney’s article “Why do Millennials back Trump?” is saturated in her emotions, rather than any facts. One of these claims which Sweeney states is that anyone who agrees with conservative values is preserving “a sy...

Letters: Campus GOP responds to Trump tape, Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 54

October 12, 2016

This wasn't my breaking point, but it's time for me to speak Donald Trump’s comments about groping and kissing women without their consent, and “grabbing them by their pussy,” were not the breaking point for my disavowin...

Letter: This is a defining election for millennials

October 28, 2015

The next presidential election is going to be a defining moment for millennials. As a student about to graduate, I recognize that the leadership we choose will have huge implications for our post-grad lives. I’m writing to...

Letter: Science is the real winner in Nat Geo’s expanded partnership

October 16, 2015

Editor's note: This letter to the editor is in response to a recent opinion column on the 21st Century Fox purchase of National Geographic. For more than 125 years National Geographic has played a uniquely vital role in th...

Letter: We need classes on sexual assault and self-defense

September 30, 2015

I am a social work major who transferred from a community college. I studied in different countries before coming to the United States. First, I studied in Iraq, but due to the bad situation in Iraq, my family and I traveled to...

Letter: Shared governance and sexual violence on campus

by Staff

May 8, 2015

Tanisha Duke-Scorza, Queena Tran & Corey Polant Student Subcommittee Sexual Violence Task Force Members We are Tanisha, Queena and Corey and we are a few of the representatives on the student subcommittee of the Sexual ...

Letter to the editor: Campus efforts falling short

April 30, 2015

Nassim Moallem Co-Chair of the Student Subcommittee of the Sexual Violence Task Force, President of the Andrea O’Donnell Womyn’s Outreach Association We live in a culture of violence. It means we tend not to think twic...

Letter to the editor: gender privilege

by A.T. Furuya, Contributor

February 9, 2015

Gender is a social construct. Let me say this again, gender is a social construct. People are not born a gender, they are born into a society (e.g. the United States) and assigned a gender at birth (I am a mixed race queer transgender...

Letter to the editor: SJP explained

by Osama Alkhawaja

October 16, 2014

Editor's note: This letter to the editor is addressing numerous columns by The Daily Aztec regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  My father was born in Jerusalem in 1967, a few months before the war broke out. I joke so...