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Reinvestment in Barrio Logan is overdue

by Matthew Smith

October 14, 2013

Welcome to America, where we ignore the needs of the poor and minorities in favor of big businesses. Catering to elites is nothing new to U.S. politics. Neither is institutionalized racism and classism. However, the latter problem...

The War on Higher Education: Part Two

by Matthew Smith

October 8, 2013

Beware of college professors. They're part of a vast public university conspiracy theory to indoctrinate the American youth in a liberal agenda and turn them into atheists. That’s what some people on the far-right wing want...

The war on higher education

by Matthew Smith

September 10, 2013

War is upon us and the enemy is waging a ferocious assault. If you think I’m talking about Syria, guess again. Far away from the turmoil in the Middle East, a war is being fought at home. I’m referring to the war against college...

Beware of scams

by Matthew Smith

September 3, 2013

It’s a new school year, which means it’s time to spend several hundred dollars on textbooks. Unfortunately, textbooks are not getting any cheaper and publishing companies intend on sucking as much money out of a college student’s...

Where do you stand in the gun control debate?

by Staff

January 22, 2013

Kenneth Leonard Senior Staff Columnist The gun control debate rages on in U.S. In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the discourse intensified substantially and it seems as though lawmakers ...

Unions benefit San Diego

by Matthew Smith

November 25, 2012

I don't always support labor unions. Some union policies, such as anti-Walmart campaign, come off as trying to bully the easiest target. Some unions have even become profiteering businesses. However, I respect labor unions for...

Lincoln High abused ASB funds for the basketball team

by Matthew Smith

November 9, 2012

A school’s student government or associated body is supposed to serve students and give them a voice. However, the student body shouldn’t be used or manipulated as a piggy bank. Unfortunately, U-T San Diego reports this...

Prop. 38: Tax pain without educational gains

by Matthew Smith

October 29, 2012

Proposition 38 is one of two initiatives that would raise taxes in order to increase revenue for public education. Only one can be enacted. In order to pass, Proposition 38 will need to win at least 50 percent of the vote and get mo...

Red light cameras lead to accidents and profits

by Matthew Smith

October 24, 2012

There’s a saying that all politics are local. Nowhere has this become more apparent than in this year’s San Diego mayoral elections, where red-light cameras have suddenly become a hot topic. Both candidates, Carl DeMaio an...

Education is a priviledge vital for a successful life

by Matthew Smith

October 15, 2012

Imagine if your education and everything you’ve learned was banned. Not only would you be prohibited from going to school, you wouldn’t be allowed to read, calculate or use any of the skills learned in school. How difficul...