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Social media stars dim the issues

by Talia Raoufpur, Staff Columnist

April 26, 2017

Pop culture celebrities who are aware of their popularity on social media are monetizing Hollywood’s toxic culture while their young followers are perpetuating the cycle.

Letter: This is a defining election for millennials

October 28, 2015

The next presidential election is going to be a defining moment for millennials. As a student about to graduate, I recognize that the leadership we choose will have huge implications for our post-grad lives. I’m writing to...

Millennials aren’t checked out of the ballot box

by Jose Gutierrez

February 25, 2014

Millennials have a notorious reputation. Older generations call us lazy, narcissistic, entitled and delusional. One of the most prominent stereotypes is that Generation Y is that we’re politically apathetic. I used to believe...