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Games lack story, miss the mark

by Jordan Pollock

July 27, 2012

There are typically three major parts to any video game: story, game-play and music. A video game that lacks any one of those components nowadays probably wouldn't do very well. That's not saying those games wouldn’t be great...

TW: A bouquet of fashion

by Stephanie Schauer

March 18, 2012

  Spring is getting ready to blossom in a couple weeks and spring fashion has sprung forward with refreshing bold floral patterns. Flowers represent beautiful renewal with a touch of femininity. Floral prints can be found on blouses and dresses, but ha...

Trend Watch: Color Me Rainbow

by Stephanie Schauer

February 19, 2012

Fun, bright colors are usually a staple trend during every spring season. However, jeans are taking the colorful route to waken up basic denim to give it that extra pop. It’s almost as if the rainbow got a hold of the jean industry and set it to color spin-...

What’s #Trending: Adele, Jeremy Lin and Mountain Lion

by David Hernandez

February 18, 2012

Trending Topic: Adele Sunday night was Adele’s night: At the 2012 Grammy’s, during “music’s greatest night,” Adele performed for the first time since vocal surgery and walked away with six Grammys, making her...