The Daily Aztec

The Beatles wipes slate clean

by Paul Hernandez

April 28, 2011

The Beatles’ peaked at No.1 since its reception and remained there until each member went their own way in 1970. Each album by the “fab five” is significant from start to finish. There’s a reason every studio album by John L...

Pantera’s metal masterpiece

by Amanda Macias

April 28, 2011

If any band was to make a fierce comeback in the world of metal, it would undoubtedly be Pantera. With the release of its album “Reinventing the Steel” in 2000, a new wave of energy flowed through the band and ultimately solidified...

Propagandhi: A revolution in song

by Andrew Younger

April 28, 2011

Leave it to a bunch of angry Canadians to create the quintessential anti-George W. Bush polemic. Released in 2005 during the nadir of Bush’s presidency, Propagandhi’s “Potemkin City Limits” channels left-wing outrage into a blistering musical indictment that...

Band Profile: Arcade Fire

by Staff

April 28, 2011

After the 53rd Grammy Awards, plenty of people were left wondering, “Who the hell is Arcade Fire?” But after listening to its third studio album “The Suburbs,” it is easily apparent that the 10-year-old band definite...

Florence & The Machines rock

by Jack Crane

April 28, 2011

Florence Welch is the charismatic flame-headed front-woman of Florence and The Machine, one of the most innovative contemporary bands around. The band’s debut and only album to date, “Lungs,” was released in July 2009 but didn’t ...

Kate Nash creates quirky indie-pop

by Morgan Denno

April 28, 2011

Kate Nash isn’t afraid to sing the female point of view. In her freshman album “Made of Bricks,” Nash delves into heartbreak and failed relationships all while keeping a feisty attitude. Songs such as “We Get On” and “N...

What we’re listening to right now

by Andrew Scoggins

April 27, 2011

Carmen Splane: Staff Writer The extent of my musicality only goes back to playing the drums and the clarinet in junior high, but I am still obsessed with music. Because the radio is completely useless now, stumbling across music via...

Beat the beat with Daft Punk

by David Dixon

April 27, 2011

At 60 minutes long, the album “Discovery” has 14 strong tracks that are all fun. The electronic house band from France, “Daft Punk” starts things with a song that manages to be extremely addicting within seconds. “One More...

Bowling for Soup spills about new album

by Allie Daugherty

April 26, 2011

The Daily Aztec: Some of the songs on the new album seem like angry love songs or aimed toward other women. Where does this inspiration come from, considering you’re married? Erik Chandler: Well, we haven’t always been married, and we never forget ... DA: ...

BFS’ eleventh CD is more lighthearted fun

by Allie Daugherty

April 26, 2011

If Bowling for Soup has proved anything in its past 16 years of existence, it’s that rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have to be serious to be good. Its new album “Fishin’ for Woos” continues to support this. The first single, “S-S-S-Saturday,” is a ...

Tune in turn on drop out Coachella 2011

by Andrew Scoggins

April 19, 2011

Introduction I would like to start out by saying there is absolutely no way I could do this justice. Not to the people who were there, the people who didn’t go and not the people who had no idea it was even happening. The closest thing I can do is relay my personal experience with this analogo...

The king of surf rock rules Belly Up Tavern

by Erika Cueva

April 12, 2011

Concertgoers were brought back to the psychedelic ‘60s for a couple of hours last Friday night at Solana Beach’s Belly Up Tavern. Legendary rock guitarist Dick Dale, the king of surf guitar, gave a flawless performance, rem...