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Ashley Madison and its users got what they deserved

by Tori Hahn, Contributor

September 8, 2015

Popular affair-endorsing website Ashley Madison finally got what was coming to it. The website, which boasts of about 37 million users, was attacked by hackers, which resulted in a catastrophic leak of customer information....

The online dating game: part 2

by Annie Beltran, Staff Writer

September 2, 2014

For those who remember several months ago I publicly announced, by means of this back page, that I decided to partake in the game of dating apps. So I’ve gone on some dates with women I refer to as “randoms,” because...

App-rehensive dating

by Annie Beltran

January 27, 2014

During winter break I decided I had the time to reenter the dating realm. Why not? I didn’t have any pressing homework and I wouldn’t be pushing aside any sort of needed study time. So as advised by many friends, as well...

Tru luv @

by Hayley Rafner

September 6, 2011

Is online dating still taboo? Not so much. In this day and age, it has turned into a norm. But still, it’s hard not to flinch when you ask people where they met their fiancée and they reply, all too bubbly, “Online!” When...