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University police station located next to campus.

Police presence increases on campus in lieu of parties

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor // August 31, 2021

San Diego State has increased law enforcement on campus due to an increase in reckless behavior. Students who participate in illegal behavior will face...

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Teen shot near SDSU campus after weekend parties, SDPD to launch investigation

by Katelynn Robinson, News Editor // August 25, 2021

A fight in the College West area resulted in a 16-year-old being shot in the face on Saturday Aug. 21 around 11:50 p.m. Two shots were fired during...

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My experience as a sober student at SDSU

My experience as a sober student at SDSU

by Jake Greenfield, Staff Writer // October 13, 2020

It’s pre-pandemic and I’m out at a bar with a group of very drunk friends. After finishing my glass of water, I decide I’ve had enough fun for one...

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SDSUs Interfraternity Council unanimously voted on Oct. 4 to to end a months-long social moratorium and impose a ban on hard alcohol.

IFC unanimously votes to end fraternity party ban, impose ban on hard alcohol

by Sofia Bert, Senior Staff Writer // October 4, 2018

The San Diego State Interfraternity Council voted unanimously to end the self-imposed social moratorium and to impose a hard alcohol ban during a meeting...

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Fraternity ‘social moratorium’ likely to continue to beginning of fall semester

by Bella Ross, Senior Staff Writer // May 1, 2018

San Diego State’s ban on partying for fraternities is expected to continue at least until fall 2018. The Interfraternity Council’s current plan...

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Ending Greek Life is not the sexual assault solution

by Elpin Keshishzadeh, Opinion Editor // January 26, 2015

Fall semester was equivalent to a season of  “Scandal,” minus some presidential hook-ups. San Diego State had its work cut out with its majority of...

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Parties illicit sexual assault

by Emily Alvarenga , Staff columnist // November 13, 2014

For years, police and college students have placed the blame of sexual assault on prowlers — strangers who attack unsuspecting victims in alleys when...

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The Aztecs St. Patricks Day guide

The Aztec’s St. Patrick’s Day guide

by Victoria Valenzuela // March 13, 2014

Emerald. Lime. Jade. Whatever shade you prefer, it’s time to break out the green. For those of Irish descent and those who use the day as an excuse to...

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