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Proposition 17 is one of 12 initiatives on the California Ballot. If passed, Prop 17 would restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people still on parole.

Some SDSU students can’t vote. Proposition 17 will change that

by Catlan Nguyen, Social Media Editor // October 26, 2020

Should every citizen in the United States get the right to vote? Should one mistake take your voice away? With the elections approaching quickly,...

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Project Rebound gives formerly incarcerated students a second chance

by Brandon Balayan, Contributor // October 5, 2020

During COVID-19, being confined to the four walls of our homes may be a new experience. However, the students of Project Rebound are all too familiar with...

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Jessica Gonzalez, Dr. Dan Stacy, Raquel Funches, Raiyah Harris and Dr. Alan Mobley are some of the current staff members of Project Rebound SDSU.

Project Rebound aims to break the stigmas associated with incarceration

by Kayleigh Venne, Staff Writer // September 27, 2017

San Diego State’s Project Rebound is a restorative special admissions program that aims to support previously incarcerated individuals as they transition...

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