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Cloud 9 Director Jesca Prudencio showcases part of the student-made film.

“Arts Alive: A Cloud 9 Panel Discussion” highlights social issues in theatre

by Kayla Brown, Staff Writer // February 22, 2021

Arts Alive hosted a fifth discovery series panel about the revived satirical play “Cloud 9” on Monday, Feb. 15. The discussion brought together faculty...

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Students at the Aztec Art Contest admire the work.

Aztec Art Contest brings color to campus

by Stephan Early, Staff Writer // April 18, 2018

Heavy beats, light snacks, tilted heads and pointed fingers, that’s right, it’s a pop-up art show at San Diego State. Associated Students took advantage...

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Blow U Away by Stewart Parker

‘Transforming Existence’ gallery explores surrealism and society

by Sydney Sweeney, Senior Staff Writer // March 14, 2018

Fête gallante is a French phrase used in art, defined as a representation of elegantly dressed groups at play in a rural or parklike setting. However,...

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Photo courtesy of Josh Goldstein

Engineer doubles as photographer

by Kelly Kerrigan , Contributor // November 16, 2016

A simple gift from grandma could change your life forever. At 16-years-old Josh Goldstein received an old digital single-lens reflex camera from his...

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Photo courtesy of Jesseca Aquino.

Art education junior wants to inspire

by Nicole Sazegar, Senior Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

When Jesseca Aquino was 8 years old, her mother took her to visit an art gallery. Seeing mannequin parts coming out of the ceiling inspired Aquino to join...

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Photo by Christian Hicks

Theatrical designer makes abstract art

by Alex Noble, Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

Theatrical design is a process.  The costumes, sets, props, makeup and so much more serve to realize the characters and world of the play. Every minute...

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Photo courtesy of If. Dance Theater

If. Dance Theater crushes tradition

by Carly Yribarren , Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

There is no denying that San Diego State has a talented performing arts program. The program has inspired many students to challenge the meaning of performing,...

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Aimee Holland at a rehearsal for upcoming play, Jesus Christ Superstar. Photo by Lilly Glenister.

Stage manager pursues passions

by Nicole Badgley, Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

Stage managers are some of the first roles to join the process of a play or musical.They are incorporated into auditions, castings, design meetings and...

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[VIDEO] Student Showcase – Nora Sanchez

by Megan Wood, Senior Staff Photographer // October 24, 2014

Nora Sanchez is an multimedia art major at San Diego State. You can see her portfolio at 

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