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Gap years: the holy grail to self-discovery

Gap years: the holy grail to self-discovery

by Lindsey Anderson , Contributor // October 20, 2021

My freshman year at SDSU kicked off in August 2018.  By September 2019, I had already changed my major three times — accounting for roughly 30 units...

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Doing it all isnt viable, prioritize yourself instead

‘Doing it all’ isn’t viable, prioritize yourself instead

by Adriana Villa, Contributor // September 15, 2021

College can seem to be a never-ending series of tasks. We must attend all our classes and go to work while being told that if we want to succeed in...

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Discovering your purpose shouldnt be easy

Discovering your purpose shouldn’t be easy

by Aaliyah Alexander, Staff Writer // May 5, 2021

People always say that good and worthwhile things take time.  Personal experience has taught me that the things that require patience and time feel...

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A screenshot of Alicia Keys new skincare website, Keys Soulcare.

Alicia Keys explores new realm in makeup industry with Keys Soulcare

by Trinity Bland, Opinion Editor // December 9, 2020

Grammy award-winning entertainer Alicia Keys has a distinct voice in music, but perhaps an even more striking one in the beauty industry.  Her quest...

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COVID-19 has increased mental health struggles among current and former SDSU students

by Kayla Brown, Contributor // October 15, 2020

For decades, practicing self-care has been a popular coping mechanism for adults during times of high stress. However, the coronavirus pandemic has brought...

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The original message of self-care has gotten mistranslated

The original message of self-care has gotten mistranslated

by Aaliyah Alexander, Staff Writer // September 20, 2020

The self-care movement has evolved so much over the past few years alongside the self-love movement.  Self-care and self-love are two phrases that...

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Opinion: Take care of your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

by Shayne Jones, Staff Writer // April 3, 2020

I sat cross-legged under the crumpled sheets of my childhood bed in an oversized t-shirt which I’d neglected to change out of for three days, consuming...

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In the food sections, eating healthy foods you love is key to creating a healthy habit.

How to switch resolutions to healthy lifestyles

by Ceighlee Fennel , Arts and Culture Editor // January 22, 2020

Do any of your New Year’s Resolutions involve losing weight? Exercising more? Sneaking more self care into your day?  If any of these apply to you,...

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Zine Workshop Flyer

Women’s Resource Center to host maga’zine’ workshop

by Nicole Sazegar, Senior Staff Writer // August 17, 2016

The idea of unlearning yourself is the deconstruction of identity from the oppressive structures an individual has experienced throughout their lives....

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Womens Resource Center hosts first Galentines Day event

Women’s Resource Center hosts first Galentine’s Day event

by Cami Buckman, Senior Staff Writer // February 16, 2016

Gal pals from all across San Diego State united at the Women’s Resource Center for the first ever Galentine’s Day event. Galentine’s Day, a phrase...

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