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Microsoft pulls an Xbox One-Eighty, reverses controversial DRM policies

by Max Saucedo

June 20, 2013

This is what backlash looks like.  This is what happens when companies attempt to put restrictions on projects and make them basically unmarketable.  This is what happens when Microsoft realizes just how badly they’ve s...

Ubisoft unveils unparalleled lineup at E3

by Alek Sanchez

June 11, 2013

During this week’s E3 festivities, Ubisoft was able to showcase all the fine games they’ve been working on since last year’s E3. One of the biggest themes of Ubisoft’s show was pushing towards a more interactive, immersive, and online environment within their games. They introduce two new games that a...

Microsoft shows promise but leaves unanswered questions with XBOX One reveal

by Max Saucedo

June 5, 2013

On May 21, Microsoft threw its cape aside and revealed the much-anticipated next-gen console, otherwise known as the worst kept secret on the Internet, the XBOX One. Don Mattrick, president of the interactive entertainment ...