LIVE AND DANGEROUS: Ska bands come together for explosive show

by Staff

Reel Big Fish has been headlining the ska scene since its formation in the 1990s. The warm reception it received when it took the stage is proof it remains a fan favorite. Vittoria Piccone / Staff Photographer

By Amanda Macias, Staff Writer

Nothing says epic quite like three ska bands coming together to perform under the roof of San Diego’s own House of Blues. Last Wednesday night, Suburban Legends, Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish came together to rock the socks of San Diego’s ska enthusiasts.

Suburban Legends opened the show with an amazing stage presence.  Its sound is similar to that of a Melodramatics and Reel Big Fish hybrid, but had the energy of a boy band with a little too much Rockstar in its system. From beginning to end, the Orange County natives rocked the house with choreographed precision.

Next up was Goldfinger, a ska lover’s favorite. The band has had a strong following since its debut in the 1990s. It had been two years since the Los Angeles natives had stepped foot on a stage but their presence still resonated throughout the entire audience as everyone sang along with each song. Goldfinger played many hits from its earlier albums including “Superman” and “99 Red Balloons.”

Reel Big Fish is well known for its amazing sense of humor and explosive energy on stage. Never one to disappoint its fans, Reel Big Fish put on a great show and performed well-known favorites such as “Sell Out,” “Kiss Me Deadly,” and “Everything Sucks.”  Similar to Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish has also had a strong fan following since its debut and had the audience harmonizing with its whole set. Frontman Aaron Barrett also introduced the song “She Has a Girlfriend Now” with the most memorable intro ever: He said with sarcastic enthusiasm, “Every time we played rock, paper, scissors, she always went for scissors. I should have known.”  And with a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and its own song, “Beer” the show came to an end.