Shawn Mendes debuta en la música latina con el remix “KESI”


El cantante Colombiano multiplatino Camilo, colaboró con la premiada estrella del pop Canadiense en un remix bilingual de su exitosa canción romántica tropical, “KESI”, que fue lanzado el 14 de julio.

by Trinity Bland, Managing Editor

¿ Shawn Mendes singing in Spanish? Yes please.

Multiplatinum singer Colombian Camilo , worked with star award – winning Canadian pop in a bilingual remix of their hit romantic tropical song, “KESI”, which was released on July 14.

“KESI” was originally released in March as a song on his album, “My Hands.” Despite not speaking the language, Mendes decided to communicate with Camilo through Instagram and expressed his love and interest in the song. Camilo had no plans to create a remix version of the song but did not turn down the opportunity to work with the singer “In My Blood.” 

“Being a big fan of his music, the idea of ​​hearing him sing in Spanish is something that moved me a lot,” Camilo said about adding Mendes to the song. “The fact that he decided to sing in our language for the first time in his career in a song with me is one of the greatest honors I have had in my career as an artist.”

The song stays true to the Afro-Caribbean rhythms and original sound of champeta, a style of music that originates from the coast of Colombia and is known for the music of Camilo. Mendes brings a shine to the song with the way he switches from English to Spanish quickly. Mendes has exceeded expectations with his Spanish singing as it is his first time. With the help of his girlfriend, the Cuban-Mexican superstar , Camila Cabello , managed to succeed in the song.

“To be fair, not everyone has a Cuban-Mexican girlfriend who takes her time and sits in the studio with them making sure they are saying every word perfectly in Spanish. She would tell me, ‘If you’re going to do this, you have to. You can’t say these words incorrectly. ‘ And I said, ‘OK,’ ‘Mendes commented to Zane Lowe in an Apple Music interview. “It took me hours to learn and say the right words. I couldn’t be wrong. It could break our relationship, if there was one … I remember there was one. word I thought was okay. ‘ but she said, ‘It wasn’t right.’ and I said “ok it’s not.” 

To be completely honest, “KESI” is a great selection to dance with someone you love outdoors on a summer night. However, with Mendes on board, the song soars. The global public was able to appreciate the combined and very vibrant voices of both artists in this song. Considered one of the biggest stars in Latin music, Camilo has written multiplatinum hits for various Latin artists such as Bad Bunny , Anitta and Becky G , but collaborating with Mendes to produce such a successful song such a hit song (in particular, the first Mendes’ musical release in 2021) for everyone to enjoy this summer was a perfect career move.

For Mendes, he shows levels of maturity and stylistic versatility in his predominantly pop repertoire. At just 22 years old, the singer definitely became a man and fans have witnessed him every time he performs a new song. This time, they lose their minds about Mendes’ special debut singing in a different language – which will take place in the future.

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