Spear Sports Report: Guest Star Special


Brenden Tuccinardi

No one covers the home team like we do. Spear Sports Report, presented by The Daily Aztec, is bringing you courtside as our editors and writers break down all things Aztec’s Athletics.

by Juan Daniel Avila, Senior Staff Writer

On this special episode of the Spear Sports Report senior staff writer Juan Daniel Avila and staff writer Daniela Ramirez introduce The Daily Aztec Sports Editor Jason Freund as their first guest on the show.

Freund joins the two hosts in this special to discuss the latest news with the men’s basketball team. They go in-depth on the current status of the Aztecs in the Mountain West Conference and analyze past games. They also predict scores for the next upcoming games and talk about potential future scenarios that the Aztecs can place themself in.

Ramirez also gives her weekly report on the latest women’s sports and highlights the historic moment that the Aztecs swim and dive team is going through.

Towards the end of the show, all three Daily Aztec representatives share a little bit about themselves for everyone to get to know them.

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