Ben Platt sings “Rain” as it rains at Rady Shell

As part of his Reverie Tour, Ben Platt performs in San Diego


Ana Paola Olvera

Ben Platt performs “Happy to be Sad” at Rady Shell at Jacobs Park.

by Ana Paola Olvera, Contributor

After endless days of heat, Ben Platt’s “Reverie Tour” in San Diego was unexpectedly overtaken by rain. On Sept. 9, the Rady Shell venue at Jacobs Park was not entirely prepared for this. The tent covering the sound system created a huge visual blockage for the seats in the center of the grassy area, leaving many people scrambling to find unsold seats on the side.

However, the chaos was soon forgotten about when the opening act, Aly & AJ graced the stage with their guitars. The duo set the mood for a magical, drizzly night. They performed their newer indie songs, such as “Don’t Need Nothing” and their famous hit, “Potential Breakup Song.” This classic was performed in a slower and more sensual tempo, successfully showcasing Aly & AJ’s growth as artists since their ten year hiatus.

After everyone was seated and ponchos were handed out, mesmerizing blue lights shined on stage and Ben Platt’s auto-tuned (for artistic purposes) voice echoed the lyrics of “King of the World.” The audience then cheered when a light focused in on him, revealing his vibrant red suit.

Platt kicked off the night with “Childhood Bedroom,” a nostalgic pop song about forgetting your worries and reflecting on childhood memories. This fit perfectly into the theme of the night. 

Before singing “Leave My Mind,” Platt urged everyone to let their troubles leave their minds for the next hour and a half. Then he romantically dedicated “Happy to Be Sad” to his partner, Noah Galvin, stating that even though the love of his life was in another state, he was happy to be sad.

What made Platt’s performance unique, apart from his angelic voice, was his care-free dancing. Throughout the night he stomped, wiggled and side-stepped across the stage.

He also did his signature move where he whips his head back so fast that one cannot help but reach for their neck in sympathy.

The song everyone had been anticipating, “Rain” was an especially moving moment. Since it was actually raining, the drops of water electrified the crowd. A few people even took off their hoods to take in the performance in all its glory. They swayed and jumped as Platt sang, “We’re dancing under the rain!”

Another stand out moment was when Platt went back to his roots and sang Waitress’ “She Used To Be Mine.” This song allowed him to unleash his inner Broadway beast. He also surprised fans with a rendition of “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac, accompanied by Aly & AJ who strummed their guitars as they stood on each side of Platt. He also did a rendition of “You And I” by Lady Gaga.

He then sang an unreleased song, “Monsters” which was about the fears and anxiety that he faced as a young boy. It was a beautiful song that carried its own weight in its simplicity. 

The “Reverie Tour” had first been set for early 2022, but was postponed due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. However, the postponement of the concert did not stop fans from dancing the night away, letting go of all their worries.