Interactive WNDR Museum to open first west coast location in San Diego

WNDR brought local creatives together for an elegant dinner presentation to introduce the new museum


Photo courtesy of Isaac Lopez and WNDR

Brad Keywell talks to attendees about the opening of WNDR Museum.

by Sumaia Wegner & Kelly Cutler, Arts & Culture Editor & Staff Writer

Art and technology have the capability to enhance our senses. When the two combine, they take those senses to another level where you would have to see it to believe it, and that is what WNDR Museum is bringing to San Diego on Jan. 11, 2023.

WNDR was originally created in Chicago, Illinois by Brad Keywell, founder and creator of the museum.

WNDR is a new, innovative art museum full of immersive exhibits. Artist’s contributions range from spray paint muralists to virtual reality specialists, in a new approach to have visitors partake in the artwork themselves. 

WNDR Studios is a team of individuals who have united together with a common goal: to heighten ways to think about, view and experience art. One being the head of WNDR Studios and creative director, David Allen. He noted that he was a tattoo artist for 17 years before eventually transitioning to his position at WNDR. He represents just one of the vast range of artists included on the WNDR studios team. 

The team of artists that make up WNDR exemplifies Keywell’s belief that everyone has creative abilities and that they have the power to uniquely define art on their own accord. Having a passion for the art community led him and his team to choose San Diego as the second (and first west coast) location of WNDR. 

“There is an artistic soul to San Diego that is unique to the west coast,” Keywell said. “It feels good. This is the right place to start the nationwide expansion.”

Ryan Kunkel, president of WNDR Global, agreed with Keywell in choosing San Diego. 

“We added the perfect complement to what we were building,” Kunkel said. “We had a rich community in art and technology, and clearly by the dinner tonight we have been welcomed here (San Diego) since day one.” 

The VIP, networking dinner was hosted last Thursday at The Guild Hotel. 

This dinner catered guests with a hand crafted four course meal, cocktails and a scenic presentation of the WNDR Museum. The elegance of the dinner showcased the beauty of what the creative community represents. 

Some of the guests on the list of this showcase dinner included: San Diego Magazine CEOs Troy and Claire Johnson, Co-Founders of Be Saha Amar and Sarah Harrag, FOX anchor Raoul Martinez, San Diego State’s School of Arts and Design professor Eva Struble, and Councilmember of the Third District of San Diego Stephen Whitburn.

WNDR’s location was strategically placed at 422 Market St. in downtown, with the aim to introduce as many people to the new artistic culture the museum has to offer the San Diego community. 

“It’s a highly trafficked area with an energetic crowd and a loving crowd,” said Whitburn. “Also, the draws from all kinds of different locals, tourists, and business people, they found a perfect location for this.”

WDNR will open in Boston and Seattle in the near future. San Diego being chosen as the next spot to home this modern day attraction is an honor to the city.

Presale tickets are currently available on the WNDR website. 

“Where technology meets art meets you”