The First Gift of Christmas

by Gabriel Scodeller, Contributor

Familiar songs liven our hearts

Mailboxes filled with holiday cards

Do you hear what I hear?

Halls filled with laughter and cheer

The rhythmic taps of a drummer boy

Beneath the wrapping, our favorite toy

Atop his head, a red and white hat 

A long beard, jolly and fat 

Flying above the houses aglow

Share a kiss beneath the mistletoe

Guided by a shining red nose

You better behave, he always knows

Whether naughty or nice

He checks his list twice

Trees twinkle in the winter night 

As a magical sleigh takes flight 

Nine reindeer held by the reigns 

Riding swiftly up and down the lanes 

Children called to their beds 

Joyful dreams fill their heads 

For those who still believe

Await the gifts he will leave

Hold onto your childlike wonder

Cherish the moments we share together 

For what is important may seem small 

But it is the greatest gift of all.