Crime Beat : 12-1-10

by Staff

Disturbing the Peace

Late in the evening of Nov. 14, at the intersection of College Avenue and Lindo Paseo, two non-students exited a taxi in the middle of traffic and attempted to start a fight with the taxi driver. While the two men were reportedly under the influence of alcohol, the cause of their combative behavior is unknown. They were arrested for disturbing the peace, although they avoided paying their cab fare.

Suspicious Person

Campus police received a call on Nov. 9 reporting someone videotaping females on campus. When police arrived they found the subject had been in the SDSU Bookstore, filming people ahead of him in line for “no apparent reason.” The police searched the subject’s backpack, found marijuana, issued a citation for possession and confiscated the camera to review the footage.


On Nov. 15, a witness reported a fire in Parking Structure 3. Reportedly, a poncho was lit on fire and a man was seen standing next to it. It is unclear whether the man started the fire, was attempting to put it out or was innocently observing the burning poncho. Regardless, the fire was out by the time police arrived, and no damage was done to the parking structure or any of the cars parked in it.

—Compiled by Staff Writer Hutton Marshall