Bright future for Mexico Despite Past

by Staff

I remember a night four years ago, while surrounded by family andfriends, that signaled a profound change had come. Against El PartidoRevolucionario Institucional’s (the Institutional RevolutionaryParty) one-party rule of 71 years, the radio announced Vicente Fox,candidate for El Partido Accion National (the National Action Party),had won the presidential election by 42.5 percent to PRI’s 36.1percent. I was dumfounded. I had supported the PRI’s Labastida andbelieved his win would be a narrow victory. But internally, I feltthe PAN victory meant better and brighter things would come toMexico.

While many analysts and columnists have declared Fox “Mexico’sfirst democratically elected president,” this fatuous claim sulliesthe good name of great leaders such as Benito Ju