Site entices culinary moguls on a budget

by Amy Devito


In a society where supply and demand reign, the essential elements of dining, money and advertising revolve around consumer needs. The relationship formed between business and customer should fall in perfect harmony , creating a stable profit for the supplier and a satisfied loyal patron.

Luckily, a useful new tool has been introduced, acting as an accessible link to bountiful benefits in the dining world. is a new website establishing long-lasting bonds to help accelerate businesses, while offering unbeatable deals.

Acting as the liaison between both sides of the market, uses psychology, technology and gaming mechanisms rather than memberships or coupons to encourage consumers to eat at their favorite restaurants.

Through the creation of a fun and interactive game, the company aspires to have the nation’s population dine out more regularly to help boost the restaurant industry.

“Typical coupon sites and daily deal companies offer restaurants a ‘steroid’ approach that helps to inflate their business quickly, but only temporarily,” cofounder and CEO of MOGL Jon Carder said. “Instead of jumping on that crowded bandwagon, MOGL is offering a more enticing alternative that keeps customers coming back for more, while promoting healthier, long-term success for businesses.”

So how does it work? Free, safe and secure: All that is needed to utilize MOGL is a wallet and an appetite. Simply go to the website, register and apply a credit or debit card to the account.

As soon as the registration process is finalized, members will begin to receive 10 percent cash back on their recognized cards every time they decide to eat at participating MOGL restaurants. The company is linked with a wide variety of eateries, from hole-in-the-wall cafés to five-star lounges. Participating restaurants can be found by searching the website or downloading the application available for smartphones.

Similar to the concept of Groupon, LivingSocial or Foursquare, this company seeks to involve more people with its go-to hot spots by competing for the title of “The MOGL.” By earning this title, the winner has the opportunity to win a MOGL “jackpot” cash prize. This jackpot is established by consumers and participating establishments of MOGL. Every time users swipe their cards while dining out, more money is added to the jackpot. Earnings are equivalent to 10 percent of the collected cash back earned by MOGL members each month.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this site is its coalition with Feeding America San Diego, which assists those who are not able to afford their own meals. Each time a MOGL member spends more than $20 at a restaurant, a meal is donated to someone in need.

This website is San Diego-based as cofounder and president Jeff Federman, a San Diego State alumnus, works to build a strong foundation for this growing business.

With a membership base growing exponentially each month, is proving to be an enjoyable way for people to eliminate hunger in their communities and in themselves.