Art Review: “Feeling-of-knowing”

by Isabella Place

Would anyone know exactly how to feel once they enter the San Diego State University Art Gallery, located right here on campus, to see the latest exhibition on display, “feeling-of-knowing”? Probably not, because this is an unusual one.

The exhibition is perhaps best explained through a thoughtful lecture or conversation with the artists. Yes, it is a collaboration of two: Deborah Aschheim, the artist, and Lisa Mezzacappa, the musician. “Feeling-of-knowing” encompasses nostalgic ideas with futuristic ones; the combination of diverse mediums with sound.

It gives off the initial impression of a wacky, almost “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-style production, but all in a mode of good praise. Replace the brown tones with white, green or blue chocolate, and now the visitor has entered into a world of replicas that all represent something near and dear to the artist. And most importantly, that all represent something that affects many people unpredictably: Alzheimer’s. The peculiar pieces, in association with the standard ones, aim to capture what for some may be lost for good: memory.

Five years in the making, the three major bodies of work presented are a blend of sculpture, drawings and most notably, installations. The exhibit transports the voyeur into a futuristic space, which is effectively representative of the past. A few landmarks from the greater Los Angeles area quietly but vividly capture the viewers’ eye, and an adjacent box of text explains in more detail the significance of each piece.

It’s definitely an engaging and worthwhile exhibit. Viewers should note the meticulous effort it took to “suspend” everything (and not just on the walls). As a concluding memo, viewers should consider feeling excitement when observing this in its “As is” form, for every time this exhibition travels and is repositioned, according to the artists, the arrangement will never be exactly the same. “feeling-of-knowing” truly is one-of-a-kind.