‘Doubt’ opens season

by David Dixon

San Diego State’s new season of theater is starting on a high note with the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Doubt.” Set in 1964, the drama is about a tough and intimidating nun named Sister Aloysius Beauvier. After hearing a dangerous rumor about a beloved priest, Father Brendan Flynn, she decides to use extreme methods to find out if Brendan is as saintlike as he appears to be.

What starts out as a character-driven mystery, soon becomes an examination of humanity. Writer John Patrick Shanley dares to introduce themes of race, innocence and generational differences while asking difficult existential questions that linger in the memory.

The next production will be the only musical of the fall semester, “The Boy Friend.” A big hit in London decades ago, “The Boy Friend” is a lighthearted comedy centered on a young girl who becomes romantically interested in an errand boy. It has laughs, upbeat songs and plenty of dancing, including the Charleston.

After the merry antics of “The Boy Friend,” the final drama of the semester, “Lydia,” will be an emotionally intense piece of art. Lydia is a maid who starts a complicated relationship with a 16-year-old who suffers from permanent brain damage. There have been very few productions of “Lydia,” but The New York Times once called Yale Repertory Theatre’s interpretation “seductive and strong.”

Be forewarned, it is the only theatrical event at SDSU this semester recommended for mature audiences only. For those old enough to see it, “Lydia” should be a real heartbreaker.

All three performances are destined to be unique adventures every student on campus should experience. They will be thought-provoking, entertaining and unforgettable; all qualities that allow people to fall in love with live stage presentations.

Tickets and information about “Doubt,” “The Boy Friend” and “Lydia” can be found at theatre.sdsu.edu

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