Digitized: Battlefield and Diablo Betas Begin

by Cody Franklin

SDSU gamers, rejoice! The first delivery of hot-off-the-presses gaming news has arrived!
Battlefield 3:

The hotly-anticipated shooter game revealed its latest trailer, showcasing brand-new footage of “Operation Guillotine,” the game’s single-player campaign mission recorded on its Xbox 360 version. For a franchise that traditionally hasn’t given single-player much attention, the team at DICE seems to be working very hard to craft an epic experience this time around. This comes one month after the release of the “Caspian Border” video that lit the internet aflame with its footage of the PC version’s 32 vs 32 mult-player combat.

Also, be sure to check out the official Battlefield blog for info on how you can get into the beta for “Battlefield 3”, which started September 27th and is available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and of course PC!


Diablo 3:

The public beta test for the long awaited for the PC role-playing game has begun and a huge amount of new media has already been released into the wild across Youtube and other sites.

Fansite “Blizzplanet” put together a collection of Youtube videos well worth the watch at Blizzard recently released its “Skill Calculator,” where you can begin crafting your perfect character without needing to be in the beta test.

The official beta FAQ, including where and how to sign up for a chance to play, can be found here.


“Ultimate Barcraft” Party:

Finally, Starcraft 2 fans, be sure to mark your calendars because TeamLiquid’s “Ultimate Barcraft” party is set for October 22nd at the Anaheim Marriott, immediately following the “Blizzconn” festivities. Many of the biggest names in e-sports will be present and TeamLiquid is expecting more than 10,000 guests for the event. Best of all, everything is free! Find out more on this site.

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