Digitized: Call of Duty Shocks, Sony Awes, Rage Disappoints

by Cody Franklin

Games ahoy! Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s video game news — so now you can’t blame midterms for being behind on video game trends.


Sony’s “Michael” commercial a tearjerker

Sony recently launched its new “Long Live Play” marketing campaign that featured a spectacular new commercial. It’s an emotional roller coaster for any gamers who have a favorite game character in their hearts. When the airborne soldier speaks, I was deeply moved and I consider it a must-watch for all video game enthusiasts.


Rage gets mixed reviews

iD Software’s latest shooter, “Rage,” was hotly anticipated by gamers on all platforms. After its release last week, however, reception has been mixed.

While most professional reviewers have given scores in the 80s, the gaming masses have not been so kind. PC gamers in particular have thrown much ire at “Rage.” Much of it is due to a lack of any advanced graphical options and many bugs. This  includes a major one in which the game has serious problems switching between high and low definition textures in real-time, leading to a startling effect.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and DewXP help you level faster

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” has teamed up with Mountain Dew and Doritos to create a new campaign called “DewXP”. The campaign means you can purchase Mountain Dew and Doritos products that each have codes redeemable for double-experience-points time in the new shooter.

Reaction to the move hasn’t been entirely positive, with many gamers angrily claming that players with more money can get an advantage in the game by being able to level up faster than gamers that are running low on funds. Stephen Colbert even chimed in on the issue on a recent episode of “The Colbert Report.”

So, college students, when you launch a game of MW3, that level 50 player that just gunned you down might not actually be a good player, he might just have more money than you. But hey college students do love their Mountain Dew and Doritos, right?

If you haven’t already, keep an eye out on the Entertainment section of The Daily Aztec for more of my video game reviews, including articles on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”, “Minecraft” and “Rift.”