Touchdowns and Turnovers: TCU Game

by Antonio Morales

This is a new feature, showcasing three Aztecs whose performances were good (touchdowns) and those who could use work (turnovers).



Walter Kazee

The junior running back gave the Aztecs some spark on offense in third quarter. He ran for 34 yards on eight carries and had two catches for 28 yards.

Gavin Escobar

The sophomore tight end had three catches for 68 yards. He also scored a touchdown in the third quarter to finally put the Aztecs on the board.

Larry Parker

Parker was up to his regular antics on defense, this time picking off another pass. His fourth of the season.



Ryan Lindley

The three interceptions hurt, the fact the Horned Frogs scored 17 points off the three picks hurts even more.

Marcus Andrews

Was beat by TCU senior wide receiver Antoine Hicks for a touchdown and also had a bad late-hit penalty.

Ronnie Hillman

The fumble down at the one-yard line was costly. It was also the first game that he failed to run for more than 100 yards.