Suggestions from her side

by Ana Ceballos

Whether you see a woman storming out of the room, crying hysterically, listing all the reasons why “that guy” was her worst mistake, or she gives the cliche “It’s fine,” there’s a key that tells men when they’ve screwed up big time. This is the point when he becomes a potential ex. Luckily, there are a few things men can do so they don’t come off as morons, and here are some of them:

Be wise when at war
Admittedly it is tough, but when the battle is lost, just come clear with it and apologize. Don’t remain quiet or nod. Instead, be a grown-up, talk it out and don’t ever, ever, call her dramatic — unless turning a slightly frustrated girlfriend into a dragon lady capable of ripping off heads is preferred.

Sensitivity is overrated
Men in touch with their feminine sides are great, but women don’t want to be around that 24 / 7. Ladies have enough problems with estrogen levels between woman-to-woman conversations and the occasional gay friend.

Yes, dates are important
It may not be important to men when their significant other was born, but some people think it is sort of a big deal. Forgetting a birthday is not something any man will ever live down, so heed the warning and keep tabs on those important anniversaries.

Call her fat — if you want to be single
Just don’t say anything about her weight unless it’s, “You look great.” And even if you do love her love handles and big butt, it’s probable she doesn’t. So use your brain and watch your tongue.

Demanding sandwiches is prohibited
Unless she is your mother. A good girlfriend may make her boyfriend a sandwich because she wants to be nice, but not because he is sitting in front of the TV, polishing the family jewels and acting lazy. Just because she happens to be around the perimeter of the kitchen is not an excuse to make demands.

Thinking about asking if it’s that time of the month?
No sex for the rest of the week will be the answer to that question. Enjoy.

— Ana Ceballos is a journalism senior.