JAM: Black Keys Announce New Album

by Mark Jacobo

December can be an exciting time for us all, and thanks to Ohio rockers The Black Keys, it just got better.

The Grammy award-winning blues-rock duo announced on October 10 that their latest album El Camino, will be released on December 6.

To support the album, which will be produced by Danger Mouse, the band placed an ad for an El Camino on October 9 in Ohio’s Akron Beacon Journal.

The ad came with the phone number (330) 510-1206 and when called it would take listeners to a recorded message of drummer Patrick Carney describing the condition of the vehicle (call it, it’s pretty cool!).

The band even released a funny promotional video starring Bob Odenkirk, of How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad fame, as a used car dealer trying to sell an El Camino (although the car being displayed in the video and the album cover is actually a Plymouth Grand Voyager).  Here’s the ad on Youtube.

In my opinion it was The Black Keys’ previous album, 2010’s award-winning Brothers, which garnered the band the attention that they deserved.

Brothers was bluesy, heavy, soulful and more, let’s use the word “complex”, than their earlier albums.

However, guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach told Spin Magazine in July that the up coming album wasn’t going to be as soulful as Brothers, but more rock and roll, similar to that of The Cramps and The Clash.

As much as I loved Brothers’ style, I’m excited to listen to The Black Keys return to their early roots, assuming that the “garage rock” and “Rockabilly” style Auerbach told Spin the new album will consist of will be reminiscent of early tracks such as “10 a.m. Automatic” and “Your Touch”.

Essentially, El Camino will be hard hitting, good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, and in the meantime keep an eye out for the upcoming single “Lonely Boy” due to be released on October 26.