North Park rocks October

by Isabella Place


North Park’s Rocktoberfest hosted a crowd of a few costumed people along with fans wading through complete drunken obliteration. With Halloween right around the corner and quite a bit of pumpkin beer to dispense, why not throw a sensational outdoor music event that centers itself in a notoriously hip neighborhood? Why not cater to those who have excellent taste in music?

With a lineup as eclectic as the community itself, Rocktoberfest did not disappoint. A $15 admission let partiers see eight local bands on two stages from 3-10 p.m.

The opening bands were The Heavy Guilt, The Styletones, Low Volts, Dead Feather Moon and Bully. As the sun set, The Creepy Creeps played some all-time crowd favorite spooktacular ‘60s surfer-punk-garage rock music. The group is well-known for drawing a large crowd with plenty of credit going to its two exquisite go-go dancers who always accompany the band onstage.

The Soft Pack followed by charming the already engaged and responsive crowd. The Creepy Creeps delivered unparalleled songs and sports banter. The band’s lead singer, Matt Lamkin, even professed his intense fandom for the Chargers quite excitedly.

Now for the headliner: Everest was monumental. Why shouldn’t they be? With a name like that, they should be playing Viejas Arena, not an abandoned parking lot. Everest’s musical status could have led to haughty sullenness, but Everest’s members are down-to-earth. It’s clear spectators love every member of the band. Song after song was greeted with a dignified round of applause.

The highly anticipated song “Let Go” was played toward the end of the band’s performance. Everyone stayed for the encore. Even after the houselights turned on, the audience remained, yearning for more.

Credit for the production of the event went to FM94/9, West Coast Tavern, The Casbah, Beck’s Beer and North Park Main Street.