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Editor’s Note: The Daily Aztec Senior Staff Writer Jared Quientrecently went one-on-one with Anita Bundage, a member of the women’sbasketball team, to find out what makes her tick.

Daily Aztec: Do you see yourself as a leader on this team?

Anita Bundage: I do see myself as a leader. In my four yearsplaying basketball here, I have learned a lot. My teammates look tome for leadership, and in turn, I try to lead by example. During thegame, I try to make sure everybody maintains their focus. When I amon the bench, I’m always looking for how I can improve my play and myteammates play when I get back on the floor.

DA: Who did you learn these skills from?

Bundage: It started with my high school coach. She was actuallyone of my first basketball teachers. I learned a lot of structurebasketball, the X’s and O’s and such. As I played more, I retaineddifferent things, and when I play now, I try to use those skillsevery time I go out there.

DA: You were telling me earlier that you love to sing and dance.How do you feel about celebrations after making a good play inbasketball, or any other sport?

Bundage: I think it needs to be a rule that everybody has tocelebrate after a good play.

DA: Like the XFL?

Bundage: Right. It gets everybody into the game. It gets thecrowd into the game, and it rubs off on the whole team. That positiveenergy can carry a team.

DA: What is your all-time favorite celebration dance?

Bundage: I think my favorite would have to be the “IckeyShuffle.” That was great.

DA: I’d have to agree. Okay, now we’re going to have apseudo-lightning round. I’m going to ask you a few quick questions,give me the answer that first comes to your head.

Bundage: Okay, I’m ready.

DA: Peanut butter or jelly?

Bundage: Peanut butter.

DA: Bush or Gore?

Bundage: (cringing) Bush.

DA: Can’t say I agree with that one.

Dawson’s Creek or Survivor?

Bundage: Survivor.

DA: Puffy or J. Lo?

Bundage: (laughing) Puffy.

DA: Sorry, that was lame. Coke or Pepsi?

Bundage: Coke.

DA: ESPN or Fox Sports?

Bundage: ESPN.

DA: I was told you’re a little bit of a clown off the court.What’s the biggest practical joke you’ve played on a teammate?

Bundage: My freshman year we were in Philadelphia. A couple ofteammates and myself began pouring salt in another teammate’s drink.She didn’t see us, so when she turned away, we’d put more in, andthen even more. She wasn’t too happy when she finally did take adrink.

DA: Would you ever consider pulling a practical joke on Coach BarbSmith?

Bundage: Only if we win the conference tournament. Yeah, then Iwould.

— Jared Quient