Four industries looking to hire this year

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It’s no secret that the American economy has been unstable, but is a secret to many which industries are surviving and which jobs are thriving. Here are a few of today’s most successful job sectors.

Clean energy and energy efficiency
An environmental craze is sweeping the nation. Even elected officials, including President Barack Obama, have begun putting time, effort and money into creating jobs that are beneficial for the environment.

“Green-collar jobs not only provide working class employment, but they shield America from rising fossil fuel prices and reduces carbon emissions,” Tara Kelly, CEO of San Diego State’s Enviro-Business Society, said.

Kelly defines green-collar jobs as ones that support a sustainable life.

“Green-collar jobs include manufacturing solar panels, insulating green homes, servicing wind turbines, etc.,” Kelly said. “These are jobs that can be filled by blue-collar workers who need jobs, whilehelping sustain our environment.”

According to the SDSU Environmental Engineering program, there are also higher level career opportunities in the environmental sector, such as consulting firms, private and municipal agencies, local, state and federal government, international agencies, research institutions and universities.

Kelly’s e3 group held a green business fair last Thursday. Students were able to meet and network with key players in the green industry.

Health care

The controversy surrounding the new health care reform bill notwithstanding, health care is not only a hot topic, it is also a hot industry. There are many different sectors of the industry that have a high demand for jobs.

One is home care providers. According to an article in the The Boston Globe, home health aides or nurses are in popular demand because of the significant amount of people who prefer to live on their own. Much of the population is getting older and the need for care is increasing.

According to a CNN article, the career of a health informatics technician is another thriving option. Because many health care facilities now keep medical records electronically, it is the technician’s responsibility to transfer the files and use computer systems to help doctors analyze the information.

According to the same article, patient advocates are also in popular demand. Many people can relate to the frustration of dealing with the health care system when sick. The patient advocate is there to ease that process.

“Advocates ensure that patients are informed, visiting with the right specialists and taking the right medicines, as well as educating family members on how to care for their sick relative,” the article stated. “Perhaps most importantly, patient advocates will sort through medical bills and negotiate fees with health care providers and insurance companies.”

Computer software engineers and network system analysts

Although technology has made some jobs outdated, it has also created others. Modern technology has allowed society to make significant breakthroughs in many fields, including computer simulations.

Simulations are crucial in terms of preparation, time and safety. Pilots can now prepare for emergency situations, and medical students can diagnose and treat a virtual patient as opposed to a real one. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a popular demand for simulation developers in a variety of industries.

According to The Boston Globe, network system analysts are also in high demand. As more and more companies realize the importance of having a website, network system analysts become more and more crucial for companies.

Interior design

Interior designers 8212; home stagers, to be exact 8212; are increasingly in demand.

The struggling real estate market is still making the process of selling a home take longer. According to the CNN article, people generally decide to buy a house if they can picture their own possessions in it, which can be difficult when a home is cluttered or unappealing to the eye. This is when home stagers come in.

The goal of a home stager is to maintain the interior appearance of the home and furnishings in it, helping to sell the home faster.

In a not-so-booming economy, there are jobs and industries that are still flourishing.

Graduation time is important for picking what career works. For more information on these industries, or any other industries, visit the U.S. Department of Labor website at