Men rob students on rugby field

by Staff

Two San Diego State University students were the victims of an on-campus strong-arm robbery at 1:50 a.m. Sunday.

The two male students were returning to their residence halls from a party in the College Area when they were attacked by two men, according to University Police.

They were crossing Smelko Field, the rugby field near Peterson Gym, when they saw the two men following them. As they reached the middle of the field, the students were attacked, police said.

According to University Police, one of the students was grabbed by the head and tackled to the ground. The man hit him three times in the head, at which point the student handed over his wallet, which contained $4, an ATM card and a driver’s license.

Police said the other man chased the other student toward the residence hall, but gave up after being outrun by the student.

Once the two men had the student’s wallet, they ran toward Peterson Gym, police said. One of the students later told University Police he heard car tires squeal and a car drive away.

The student was taken to Alvarado Hospital with redness and swelling on the back of his neck. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects.

The students said the two suspects were African-American men with muscular builds. One was described as being 5-foot-11 and 220 pounds, and the other as 5-foot-8 inches and 170 pounds.

The two men were probably following the students so they could rob them, said Marc Fox, University Police crime prevention specialist. He also said that it wasn’t a good idea for the students to be crossing that field so late at night.

“It’s important that people travel in well-lit areas and travel in groups,” Fox said. “If you see a possible situation (in which a crime could) develop, follow your instincts, and at the first hint of danger, take evasive action.”

Anyone with information about the robbery may call the University Police Investigations Unit at 594-5722.

Crime log

The following incidents were logged by University Police between March 2 and March 8:

* Burglary 1

* Disorderly conduct 3

* Disturbing the peace 9

* Fights 3

* Fires on campus 2

* Grand thefts 2

* Hit-and-run 1

* Impounded vehicle 1

* Minors in possession of alcohol 2

* Petty theft 1

* Possession of marijuana 1

* Public intoxication 1

* Reckless driving 1

* Skateboards/bikes on campus 11

* Stalkings 2

* Suspicious persons 24

* Traffic collisions 4

* Traffic stops 73

* Vandalism 7

* Vehicle thefts 2

* Vehicle burglaries 8

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