Opinion Story

by Staff

This letter is in response to the letter by Rachael Sandidge-Wong, titled “Get a Life,” of Feb. 17, and to others who share her views. I have never been so angry, or felt so badly judged, by someone who has never even met me. Your letter was the most uneducated, degrading letter I have ever read, and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

In high school, I was involved with many activities, including basketball, men’s basketball stats, CSF and the song squad (dance team). In addition, I lived for attending all of my brother’s year-round sports events. When I moved to San Diego, I found myself on my own for the first time in my life, with no activities to keep me busy. When class was over, I had nothing to do with my time.

I knew I needed to get involved with something, but I didn’t know just what. What I did know was that by no means would I ever go greek. I had the same stereotypes that you do now; they’re all stuck up, they pay for their friends, and I would never fit in with them. Only there’s one difference between you and me. Instead of sitting around judging people, I went out to explore for myself.

Yes, I was more interested in the free food, and I only held conversations with the women of the sorority to be polite. The funny thing is, I was completely awestruck to see how down to earth, how kind and sincere these women really were. I could never have been more wrong about something in my life! After much deliberation, I finally pledged.

As far as individuality ? what better place can you express and explore your own individuality while learning from each other’s differences? As far as “geeks,” with a straight face, can you honestly say that John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were geeks?

Though I am no longer an active member, I can honestly say that being a member of the greek system has been nothing short of one of the best experiences of my life. I have traveled the country to different seminars and conventions, being trained in leadership and teamwork. I have learned to stand up for myself and my beliefs, while not imposing on others’. As a greek, I have volunteered with elementary-school children for a year and a half. I was also lucky enough to be involved in Paradosis ? a greek organization promoting greek unity and community service.

The experiences and knowledge I have gained from being greek will by far benefit my future. I am now preparing to graduate and move back home. What I will miss most are the friends I have made through the years. True friends ? yes, greek friends ? who have never judged me and have always been there for me through great times and some very rough times as well.

You say to “get a life.” Everyone has a life, whether you approve of it or not. Now let us live those lives.

Michelle “Mickey” Carney

graphic design senior